Course Review - Wainui GC

The first thing you notice when you arrive at Wainui is the massive clubhouse, it's big and the former Peninsula GC has been reborn a bigger version in all elements.

Thus far local professionals are raving about Wainui, its a stern test from the back tees, much like one would encounter in the US or even championship courses in Australia.

Certainly there is a need here to pick your tees, as opposed to the traditional back, men's and ladies tees Wainui uses the yardage to designate the tees, thus you can play the forward tees is that suits your game - smart idea!

For mine the 9th, 16th and 7th holes are stunning holes, each asking you to take a risk, tread near to danger to get a better approach.

35 Windmill Drive Wainui, Auckland 0992 New Zealand

Ph: 09 444 3437

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