What You Need For A Day At Augusta?

SHOES: Augusta’s hilly terrain is infamous, and since you’ll want to get the most out of your time there, you’ll likely be on your feet all day. Invest in padded, ultra-comfortable shoes.

BINOCULARS: Because of the crowds and the ropes, binoculars are the perfect tool to get closer to the action.

MASTERS CHAIR: Save your spot for late in the day, meanwhile you can use other peoples.

HAT: A hat or visor is essential at Augusta—both to keep you safe from sunburn and keep your eyes shaded so you can see every shot.

SUNSCREEN: Its spring, you could get burned and wet in the same day.

JACKET: You might need one later in the day as the sun gets low.

MASTERS CHAIR: You have seen them on TV, purchase a green Masters chair, place it where you like and come back later, meanwhile you are using other peoples chairs and they are using yours, its a great system. #wherewouldyouputyourchair

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