Travel Tips: Charleston SC

Charleston is known as America's friendliest city, that southern hospitality just can't be beaten. The stunning central city is very compact and very flat, walking to all the major attractions is easy.


As a major trading port for centuries, Charleston has a huge amount of history, making it a must visit. The city like many in the south does have a dark past of slave trading, both export of local Native Indians and later importing of African people as slaves for the wealthy land owners of the south. Charleston was central to both the American revolution (1776) and the American civil war (1861). In the 50's and 60's Charleston was also a hot spot in the fight for equal rights for African Americans and other minorities.


Charleston is a unique blend of Southern US, English, French and West African cultures. The food scene has elements of all of these and then some. Being a sea port, its natural that high quality seafood is readily available, some of the highlights being Oysters and Craw fish. In Charleston itself we like Burwells Steakhouse, situated right on Market Street, the surf and turf is superb. For seafood try Amen St Fish and Raw bar again very close to Market St downtown. At Kiawah Island there are bunch of restaurants, our favorite being The Ryder Cup bar, the food menu is pretty limited, but its all about the surroundings and the view from the clubhouse, weather permitting try to dine outside.


In the City the Market Pavilion Hotel is our #1 pick, located right on Market St you have a short stroll to fantastic restaurants and the historic French Quarter. The other big draw for this hotel is the rooftop bar and swimming pool, swimming and sunbathing here is sheer luxury.

Around 30 minutes from downtown Charleston id the iconic Kiawah Island Resort, a world class wildlife sanctuary and resort with all levels of accommodation, from the 5 star Sanctuary to the the more rustic Villa accommodation which is ideal for self catering as they are all fully appointed with kitchen and laundry facilities. Aside from golf the resort has 10 restaurants and activities like tennis, swimming, horse riding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and much more.


Kiawah Island Resort is one of the worlds great golfing destinations. The resort opened in May 1976 and has five public access golf courses, most notably the Ocean Course, added in 1991.

The Ocean Course has hosted major golf tournaments including the Ryder Cup in 1991, the World Cup in 1997 and 2003, and the PGA Championship in 2012. It will also host the PGA Championship in 2021.

Aside from the brutal Ocean Course some more user friendly courses at the resort are Turtle Point, Osprey Point, Oak Point and Cougar Point, all of which are world class.


A walking tour of Charleston is a great way to learn about the history and unique parts of Charleston. The French Quarter is a must see, again walking is fine, the architecture is a sight to behold. Click on this link for a huge selection of ideas.

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