Flat Cat Putter Grip

Did you notice the grip on Justin Rose's putter at The Masters?

We did, it nearly took him all the way to the Butler Cabin for a green jacket fitting!

The grip is called a Flat Cat, its the latest invention from Lamkin Golf, a company synonymous with golf grips and the leading players in our game since 1925.

Did you know that from 5 feet, if your putter grip is open just 2 degrees, you’ll miss the putt?

The people at Lamkin tell us the Flat Cat is a game-changing new putter grip that puts the feeling of “SQUARE” in the palm of your hands, ensuring your putter face is square to your intended target line is the key to making putts.

These grips have just arrived in New Zealand and will be making its way into quality golf stores nationwide, give it a try, Justin did and he hasn't looked back!

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