The #1 golf store on earth: The merchandise store at Augusta

I'm a trader by profession, heck I'm always buying or selling something. In my earlier life I was in the retail game, its was a science to a great degree, foot traffic, conversion rates, average transaction value and of course inventory. Thus I'm always looking at retail operations, evaluating, making instant decision's in my head about the model, the sustainability, the opportunities for growth.

I pretty much thought I had seen it all until i entered the Merchandise pavilion at Augusta National...

The first thing you encounter is a queue, but it moves pretty quickly, and there always someone nearby who is interesting to talk to. Once in the store its chaos, its seems like bedlam, people everywhere jamming expensive gear under their arms and moving along, this is despite appearances a system, everyone moves in an anticlockwise direction, just keep moving along, stop and look and then get back into the flow until its time to checkout.

It's a tough ask to leave with your shirt still on your back, the total mounts up quickly, by the time you buy a cap for some mates, a shirt for dad, a flag, a visor for mum and some gear for yourself, you could have dropped $2000. Rumor has it that this is the average spend.

Not that anyone is worried, its your one and only chance, you cant but this stuff anywhere else so have at it.

You name it, they have it with an Augusta logo on it, how about a dog collar, or a set of playing cards - no problem. I counted 48 different styles of men's polo's, 30 women's and that's not counting outerwear, t shirts and other items.

Once you have had your fill, its time to check out, the ladies are super friendly and they make a supermarket check out look like a glacier, everything is scanned bagged and your $$ extracted before you can say howdy!

Afterwards they have a FedEx depot from where you can send your purchases home, its expensive but if your suitcase is full it might just be the option.

With your shopping done its back to the course and the real job of watching golf, but maybe I might stop by that shop on the way out if I have any credit on my card left :)

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