Nairn Golf Club

Nairn is a classic members links, but with teeth. Out and back with a kink, and what a kink it is!

Hole 3 is memorable, a dogleg left with an awkward approach, I visited the beach off the tee and chipped in for a par, clean living I guess!

The walk between holes 9 and 10 features some ancient salmon storage buildings, a fascinating piece of history, well maintain as a halfway house. Hole 10 features an interesting tee shot, although I'm sure not normally permitted it was a highlight of the trip.

Hole 13 is a brutal test, the hardest hole on the course is an uphill slog that required two excellent shots to prevail, one of the best par 4's in the highlands if not all of Scotland.

14 is a lovely par 3 with a tough green, if the tee shot does not find the target scoring well will be an issue.

Holes 16 and 17 feature burns, in fast conditions you need to be careful to to drive too far on 17, both stunning golf holes.

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