Masters Thursday (review)

With Masters Thursday in the books some nagging question got answered...

1. Will Tiger contend: Absolutely, his game looks sharp and in control and he played conservatively, especially on approach shots, positioning himself to be right there come Sunday.

2. Will Jordan get out of his funk when he gets to Augusta: No, drove it all over the lot, struggled with all parts of his game - not this year. And who dressed him in that outfit??

3. Has Brooks diet really hurt his major game: No way, Brooks will be hard to beat, with 3 majors since the 16 US Open he is a Major terminator and he looks right on track to continue to dominate.

4. Justin Rose is the man for all seasons, surely this is his year: Nope. Justin has played the event 13 times and never won - that's a lot of attempts, stats don't lie

5. Is big Phil ready to go out to pasture on the Champions Tour: Ah that's a no. The Big guy needs to stick to the places that suit him, and he has big time form at Augusta, Phil will be right there come Sunday.

The course played way easier in the late evening, this could have a big effect on the outcome if things go well for these players weather wise on day 2.

Looking to tomorrow: Augusta did not like -6 one bit, we will see some very hard pins tomorrow. Also look for some of the big players in the event to run and hide on Friday, the weather will be good early and they will take advantage. Rain is in the forecast late in the day.

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